Drywall Project Questions

We here at Poplawski Painting and Home Repair, are asked all the time about Drywall Projects and what are the options for the client.  With a free estimate we are going to come out and look at your job site, and provide options for you, other than what the initial contact was for.

Things to Consider Before You Install Drywall or Sheetrock:

What kind of drywall project is this?

Standard drywall installation (hang, tape, sand, and texture)
Install (hang) drywall only
Install moisture proof drywall (green board)
Install Wonderboard or Durarock (backer board for tile)
Tape and sand joints only
Tape, sand, and texture only
Spray texture only
Replace popcorn acoustic ceiling spray with texture to match walls

Which rooms of your house need drywall?
Living room
Dining room
Family room
Ceiling(s) only
Garage or storage room


What type of finish(es) do you want?

No finish
Fire tape only (garage, storage, work room)
Smooth finish (no texture) to paint
Smooth finish to apply wallpaper/faux painting techniques
Simple texture (orange peel, knockdown)
Complex texture (hand troweled)
Texture to match existing drywall
Would also like paint

If you are interested in a free consultation please fill out our comment box below and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible

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